Owner Loyaltry Program from Springs Automotive Group


My favorite part about our Owner Loyalty Program is that we give you $750 dollars of REAL MONEY savings at our service department. These include Oil Changes, Engine Tune ups, Transmission work.....Just about anything you can think of at my service shop.


Our Loyalty program ALSO works as an insurance for you.. Think of AAA on STEROIDS!

When you buy a vehicle from Springs Automotive Group you get a 30 day, no questions answered for 30 days! But as an added bennifit to the consumer we are also offering a service worth over $1100! Below are some of the items covered on our used cars for 2 years after purchasing a vehicle from us.

Towing Reimbursement
We will reimburse up to $200 for the 2 years you have your vehicle if you were to break down and need a tow. If within 50 miles from Springs Automotive Group, the tow company will bring your vehicle back to Springs Automotive Group. If you are over $50 miles, our program will take you to the closest mechanic shop.

Tire Replacement
If you blow your tire within the 2 years from purchase we will reimburse up to $200 for fixing your tire.

Emergency Road Service
We will provide for gasoline delivery serivce, Inflated spare tire or battery charge. We will reimburse our customers up to $200 thorughout the first 24 months of your purchase from Springs Automotive Group

Key Registration
Key Registration and Lock out service is designed to give you peace of mind if you lock your keys in your car, we will reimburse you up to $50 for a locksmith to come unlock your vehicle.

Trip Interruption Service
If your vehicle becomes disabled while on a trip over 100 miles from Springs Automotive Group, our service will reimburse $300 dollars for 6 days of food and lodging until you get back to Colorado Springs or your final destination

Trip Planning
If you are planning a trip out of town, our service will get you door to door directions and offer scenic routes and things to do while in route. You are eligible for 4 custom trip planning over the course of 24 months

Ambulance Reimbursement
Nobody ever thinks about this scary ride, but a Ambulance can get expensive. This service is in addition to your current insurance. We will reimburse up to $200 for Ambulance rides to the hospital